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Are you tired of the same old same old?

Is all painted furniture starting to look the same to you? Do you crave a different kind of inspiration? Do you wonder what "YOUR" style is and how to find it? If you answered yes to any or all of these than you have found your people!

My name is Sue (AKA Tanglewood Sue) and I own a funky upcycled Art shop in the DC area and thrive off the connection that I make with people interested in art and salvage.
Whether you've been at this for awhile or are just starting your creative journey I want to help inspire you to go further than you thought you could. Its not about getting it right. Its just about getting it started! Come start with me. I have FREE tutorials, in-depth tutorials, and even a behind the scenes club for only $20 a month where you get to see me make, create, and totally screw it up and start over again :)

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"So, this group, and Tanglewood Sue in particular, have opened up the possibilities for creativity, have brought me out of my shell with FB Lives, and gotten me really excited to see what the next month’s adventure may bring!"

Agnes Farias

"I was so surprised when I found Tanglewood Works by Sue. She is such a vibrant and talented artist, always full of energy and good vibes! I love the fact that she is not scared of experimenting and she also encourages us to try new things. When I'm watching one of her videos I am glue to the screen... Even though she is very far away she manages to infuse that positive attitude she always shows in the screen. It is a joy to watch her, I feel blessed being part of her group and I would not hesitate to recommend her... She is original and one of a kind. "

Reyes Boluda

"Loved my private DIY class with Sue!! She's a great teacher, creative, and inspiring. Highly recommended!"

Michelle Duran Trudeau
Private Class Participant

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