No More Unfinished Craft Projects Dammit!

Put on your big girl pants and grab your glue guns, cause your
Crazy Ass Craft Coach
is here to help you get your crafty on.


Here's What's Waiting for you in the Crazy Ass Craft Club

Every month our group dives head first into a different creative journey. Learn to paint furniture, make a resin cast, do a paint pour, felt a hat. Its every class you've ever wanted to take and a place to ask any question you've ever had.

Here's what this Crazy Ass Craft Club is all about:

Creativity isn't about getting it right. Sometimes its just about getting it started.

How is this different than a typical 'how to paint' group Sue?


A place to learn only the most trendy styles, or a place where I show you my style only.


A community of dreamers with passion and curiosity. Fall in love with the joy of creating instead of getting bogged down in worries about getting it done 'right'. It's a life changer. Just imagine - no more being paralyzed by the pressure to paint like your fave design guru.

"Why buy new when you can make it YOU!"


But Sue, will I actually learn to paint?

YES my Dear! You will:

Create and recreate.

Paint and repaint.

Mix up every medium that people say not to mix! LOL!

Sew, decoupage, stained glass, stain, build, and decorate just because it's fun!

My gift to you isn't my paint finishes, or my color choices, or even how I get my crazy hair. It is how I approach my creativity and even artistry.


 What is your investment?
The membership is $29.99

What do you mean by "Coach"?

What do fitness, wellness, financial and sports have in common? A COACH. Someone to guide more than teach, to encourage without taking over, to use years of expertise to help you get a better result. That's a coach and I'm gonna be your Craft Coach.

So where will this all take place?

Each week I'll be dropping exclusive content into our private Facebook group. We will have "how to" videos, on location live excursions, step by step demos, Q&A sessions and a whole variety of ways for us to engage and embrace what it means to create with abandon.

Bottom line is you get to create in your unique way, without having to do it all by yourself!

Let me ask you this...

Are you ready to say goodbye to doing it the way everyone else tells you to do it? Are you ready to harness your own confidence to say I'm doing it the way I want to no matter what anyone else is doing? Than you my friend are ready for one Crazy Ass Craft Coach!

I'm ready, SIGN ME UP!
I'm almost ready, but first let me see Sue in action!

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