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Come along with Tanglewood Sue, AKA the Crazy Ass Craft Coach, on her many DIY adventures.

She will walk you though both live and edited videos showing you how to create unique and exciting pieces of artwork in a huge variety of mediums.

The Love the LIVE courses are like nothing you've ever seen.
For sure, entertainment.

Let's Paint Upholstery!

In this Course Tanglewood Sue begins with a fully edited video on how to apply paint to upholstery and how to achieve a tie-dyed look as well.

Sue then takes this knowledge and applies it to other fabrics and mediums while incorporating rollers, spray bottles, roller stencils and more.

If you have dreamt of updating tired upholstery, curtains or even clothing with a bit of paint or dye this is the course for you!
All materials used are listed inside the course for you.

BONUS-this course includes a fully edited video 


Sue is always coming up with new tutorials, courses, giveaways and experiments.

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"Creativity isn't about getting it right. Sometimes its just about getting it started."

Tanglewood Sue


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