Who is this Tanglewood Sue you keep hearing about?
The one who sings and dances and DIY's with abandon.
She hangs with all the cool painting kids from around the world but has a
style that's truly her own.

FREE Mermaid Style Mini Furniture Painting Series

This 4-Part Edited Video Series will be delivered to you each week. Each part will arrive in your inbox. You can watch this series at anytime and in any place.

The purpose of this series is to
spark your furniture painting creativity.

We know there are a ton of furniture painters
out there-- but none of them are Sue!

This 4-part video series will give you a taste of
Sue's personality and style.

HECK YES! I want to do this!

A few comments from past viewers of Sue's DIY LIVE Tutorial...

"Love Sue so much! Her use of color is Fantastic"

Anissa Perry Moriarty

"This is why we LOVE Sue!"

Christin Hein

"I have been following Sue for a while and she is one cool chick! I love her!"

Kelly Koenig Roe

"First time I saw you Sue (on a live) I was like “love her wit, confidence, and you crack me up”! I smile big every time I see you in one of your poses 🤣!"

Renee Rumph

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