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You are so dang close to being in the coolest club in town!

Once you become a member here is what you have to look forward to:

  • At least one LIVE online event per week where Sue is gonna lead you through the creative process. Sometimes she's in the studio but often she's on location gathering supplies and you'll be right with her.
  • Edited Videos! In her past life Sue owned a post production company. When there is a tricky move, or a process that requires good close-ups to understand Sue will produce and edit a special video just for this group.
  • Club Camaraderie! What happens in Craft Club stays in Craft Club, and you don't want to miss what happens when all of these crazy ass crafters get together inside the FB club page
  • All you questions answered! Why scour the interwebs when Sue can just answer you question based on her many years of experience and an artist and crafter. If she does not have the answer, her job is to find someone who does.
  • A new technique every single month! This group works in themes. So far we have concentrated on dyes, decoupage, resins, and more. Each month we will choose one topic and explore the heck out of it. There is always something new to try and Sue is always willing to learn for you you and with you.

We only ask that you honor our Motto "What happens in Craft Club Stays in Craft Club". Of course you are here to learn and show off what you learned but any reproduction or sharing of our exact copy or video. If you are showing off a technique you learned with us, just do us a solid and tell people where you learned it :)

What People Are Saying:

“I was so surprised when I found Tanglewood Works by Sue. She is such a vibrant and talented artist, always full of energy and good vibes! I love the fact that she is not scared of experimenting and she also encourages us to try new things. When I'm watching one of her videos I am glue to the screen... Even though she is very far away she manages to infuse that positive attitude she always shows in the screen. It is a joy to watch her, I feel blessed being part of her group and I would not hesitate to recommend her... She is original and one of a kind.”

Reyes Boluda, Crazy Ass Craft Club Member

“So, this group, and Tanglewood Sue in particular, have opened up the possibilities for creativity, have brought me out of my shell with FB Lives, and gotten me really excited to see what the next month’s adventure may bring!”

Agnes Farias, Crazy Ass Craft Club Member

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