About Tanglewood Sue


 Serial Entrepreneur, Former Creator and Owner of SadieDey's Cafe a Play Cafe cafe in Oakland California

CA and Pink House Post, a post production editing studio in SF, a member of the Wild Anacostias (She sings too!),


creator of the "Shabadaba Chic" line of furniture and jewelry,


Sue is now the Senior Dumpster Diva for Tanglewood Works 

and Team Captain of My Crazy Ass Craft Coach.

It all started with a move from the CA Bay Area to fabulous Hyattsville/Riverdale Park sans any furniture whatsoever. Sue and her family watched TV on patio chairs while  searching for her next business inspiration. Little did she know that her passion was finding her. Sue's previous home was profiled for HGTV 


and various design blogs, for its use of reclaimed materials and LOTS of color so now it was time to transform her new home but where to start?

How could she fill her new home with what was left from the house downpayment? UPCYCLING of course! Sue had always loved turning trash to treasure and now She was on a mission. What was first a means to an end, became the makings of Sue's brick and mortar shop Tanglewood Works.

Tanglewood Works is where Sue sells all her furniture, art and jewelry creations as well as where she sell's DIY supplies . In order to showcase the amazing transformation anyone can achieve with a little paint and patience, Sue setup a crafting space right in the shop. So many online fans from all over the world watch Sue's live shows teach you how to  upcycle, create and reinvent with abandon, that she created an online membership group to hold all the DIY tutorials and to connect with her ever growing audience.

The culmination is Cr.A.C.C.! (yep, that's right)

Sue is a bit on the CRAZY side for damn sure. Why use ASS? Because this is group for grown-ups only, and only grown-ups who can handle a bit of profanity in their humor. CRAFT is what makes us happy and what we want to learn more about every day. Sue is more than a mentor, or teacher. She is a COACH ready to encourage you and guide you through any creative struggle you may have. Sue is your Crazy Ass Craft Coach and she's ready to get this craft party started!



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